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The Costs of DWI in North Carolina | Carver Law PLLC | Fayetteville NC

The Costs of DWI in North Carolina

In the last year, I have had several clients and friends send me an article on how to prevent being arrested for a DWI.The main thrust of the article suggests that you put your license and registration in a Ziploc bag under your windshield wiper along with a note stating you do not consent to […]

How Do I Get An Uncontested Divorce | Carver Law Firm PLLC | Fayetteville NC

How Do I Get an Uncontested Divorce?

Ok. I get it. You believe there isn’t anything to figure out or decide between you and your ex, you just want to get an uncontested divorce and be done with it. You don’t need an attorney telling you all about what could go wrong, at $50 or $100 for a consultation. You are budget […]

Don't Be Afraid To Trust | Carver Law Firm PLLC | Fayetteville NC Lawyer

Don’t Be Afraid to “Trust”

Some people are hesitant to set up trust instruments because of some common misunderstandings about how they work. Namely, there is a false but widespread perception that trusts are expensive. Laymen often balk at the mere mention of the word trust, but the reality is that the trust agreement can lower the costs of probate […]