How Do I Get an Uncontested Divorce?

Carver Law Firm PLLC Fayetteville NC Uncontested DivorceOk. I get it. You believe there isn’t anything to figure out or decide between you and your ex, you just want to get an uncontested divorce and be done with it. You don’t need an attorney telling you all about what could go wrong, at $50 or $100 for a consultation. You are budget conscious, you don’t want to spend the money—or maybe you honestly can’t afford it. In any case, you are confident that you can do it yourself and just want to know where to get started.

Well, I’ll tell you, but after you read this:

Please check with a local attorney before you go forward. Tell them everything, including the fact that you can do this yourself and that you can’t afford $600-$650 for them to handle it. It is worth the $50 or $100 consultation fee to find out if you are about to open yourself up for more expenses later by not doing it right the first time. If you have issues that you don’t realize you have, these issues can be impossible or expensive to fix later.

Cumberland County Pro Se Divorce Information Packet

The pro se information packet that is available in Cumberland County, North Carolina contains these warnings:

  1. “IMPORTANT!  If you file for divorce without consulting a licensed North Carolina attorney, you may be forever losing important financial and property rights.
  2. You are strongly advised to consult a LICENSED NORTH CAROLINA ATTORNEY before proceeding.
  3. Employees in the District Court Judge’s Office and the Clerk of Court’s Office are NOT licensed North Carolina attorneys and ARE PROHIBITED BY LAW from giving legal advice.
  4. Please understand, this means these employees CANNOT tell you what to do, and CANNOT tell you how to prepare your case.

Now, you’ve been warned. To find the information packet online, go to:

On the top right of this site, there is a box labeled “Search Advance” to the left of the box. In that box, type in “Cumberland Pro Se Absolute Divorce Packet”. You will see several search results. The first is another sheet of warnings. Among the results is the actual Cumberland County NC Pro Se Divorce Information Packet.

Many divorce lawyers do not support the pro se divorce information packet being available, and they have more honest good reasons than just their profit margins. We have to step in and fix mistakes. We also encounter clients who call us too late—after they have already taken matters into their own hands rather than using an ounce of prevention.

Now with all that said, the packet is pretty fairly done. It will give you some details, and some forms, and some instructions. If you have no issues to resolve, and you have the time to put into this divorce project of yours, you might just manage to get yourself divorced without losing your mind or your money. Read everything carefully.

Remember, this is only good in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Some NC counties have a similar packet; others don’t. When you try to use this one in another county, or another state, you are stepping out of bounds in a minefield. Also, Carver Law Firm, PLLC will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from the use of the forms or instructions in this Pro Se Divorce Information Packet.

Explore Your Options

If these warnings have made any dent in your resolve to joust windmills, please consult with a licensed North Carolina attorney before you file anything. Let them know what you are planning when you set your appointment for a consultation, as some may not want to be involved with assisting with your particular case. Attorneys that are willing to discuss your matter will likely have you sign an agreement stating that they are advising you in a limited scope capacity and that no attorney-client relationship has been established.

The smart path is to figure out as much of it as you can, then review your case with a licensed North Carolina attorney. It is fun for some of us to discuss these things with someone who has learned a good bit on their own before we have a consultation. We can make you aware if you are skirting the edge of an abyss and point out what lurks in those waters. More importantly, we can pull you back before you make a misstep. Or you can dive in without checking for stumps. Your call.

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